"Lewis completed a wonderful piece of artwork for me. I asked for my wife's two boxers to be painted in Lewis' truly unique and wonderful style for her birthday. Lewis completed the piece well ahead of time, and it remains one of our favourite pieces of art that we have. Lewis is the consummate professional, asks for clarification when necessary and I highly recommend him."-Ryan Moore

"Lewis has done a few amazing pieces of work for me in the past and even took the time to sign a copy of his comic 'Royal' for me. 
It has been great to see his style develop over the years and I look forward to seeing his future works."-Callum McInness 

"A sumptuous feast of artwork! The images can be thought-provoking, surreal, erotic and subversive. Film Noir meets Fantasy in this world of alluring and engaging characters. All created in a unique process that is a labour of love for the artist."-Marisa Cherry Saunders

"Very original artwork, exceptionally well made. I have bought art from Lewis at the MCM Comic Con in London a couple of times. Smashing stuff! I especially like a piece he has drawn of Big Boss from the Metal Gear series. Top man and even better art: creative and professional!"-Matt Parker

"Lewis is a great artist and creative. He has helped my Daughter develop her creative drawing skills and is just an all-round nice guy! I have no hesitation in recommending his work."-Lisa Kingwood

"Never fails to inspire me to get back into my art, even more so after seeing him at work in his studio."-Andrew Gardener

"I have received a canvas for a birthday present and was so impressed it prompted me to commission two pieces. One for myself and one for my sister. Amazing service and stunning artwork."-Lynsey Turner

"Lewis' stuff is first class, all you have to do is look at it for a second to see that. I'm a big fan."-Andy W. Clift

"Lewis has a unique, otherworldly style. His artwork feels like looking at images of dreams and nightmares. Everything he creates has his voice all over it. I can't wait to see what he does next and I can't recommend him enough."-James Stayte

"I've always admired the amazing focus and determination that Lewis has and I'm pleased to see that determination is now starting to pay off. Lewis has become a truly outstanding artist and I know I'm (rightly) not the only person to think that.

Though I believe Lewis' work doesn't need me to speak for it, it does an amazing job of speaking for itself after all, I still thought I would because it is simply that wonderful.

On top of that I am now blessed to even be a part of the team and to actually work with such an inspiring artist. Look out for Twin Sword Trading and especially look out for the name Lewis Terry, they are going places."-Rikki Townson

"Lewis is a very talented artist both of his own creator originated work and in matching likenesses for pre-existing properties. He is capable of working in a wide variety of styles and able to do so quickly and professionally."- John-Paul Bove

"Lewis is a very creative, personable and also professional artist who is able to take existing and original ideas and make them his own, giving his art work a unique twist and look. 

It's always a pleasure seeing his work on display and seeing what new creations he has come up with, most recently I was impressed by his zombie inspired pieces on display at the London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court in 2014. 

I urge anyone with an interest in unique comic and fantasy art to take a look at his website, highly recommended." - James Hare

"Exceptionally creative and professional artist. Lewis' work incorporates so many different elements. From dark subjects to erotica all in his unique unforgettable style." - Mark Pearce

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