Past Events

Here is a record of every event that my work has been present so far. 


Conventions and Events
Reflective Rhythms Private View- Ripley Arts Centre: 8th Jan 2015
Brighton Rockers Double Header: 7th Feb 2015
Demoncon: 15th Feb 2015
British Roller Derby Championship Round 2: Judgement Day: 21st Feb 2015
Pi Day Games Bout: 14th March
Roller Derby British Champs Bout: 15th March
London MCM Comic Con: 22nd-24th May
Roller Derby British Champs Bout Game Day 5: 17th October

Gallery Exhibitions

Reflective Rhythms- Ripley Arts Centre: 6th Jan - 2nd Feb 
Light, Art, Action!- Gibbered Gallery: 19th Feb - 27th March 
A Showcase of my Art- Gibbered Gallery: 13th - 22nd April


Conventions and Events
London MCM Comic Con: 25-27th May 2014
London Film & Comic Con: 11-13th July 2014
The Livability Tiger Cup - Football and Family Fun Day:
17th of August 2014 - Donated Art Pieces
London MCM Comic Con: 24-26th October 2014
Brawlroom Blitz: 15th November 2014
Pink vs Black: 22nd November 2014

Gallery Exhibitions

Open Gardens Gallery Exhibition 27th May 2014
Epping Green Chapel Exhibition, 12th July 2014


London Super Comic Con: 23-24th February 2013
London MCM Comic Con: 24-26th May 2013
London Film & Comic Con: 5-7th July 2013
London MCM Comic Con: 24-26th October 2013



London Film and Comic Con: July 2012
London Entertainment Media Show: 6-7th October 2012.

Gallery Exhibitions

Epping Green Chapel Exhibition, 13th October 2012
Gatehouse Gallery Postcard Exhibition, 14th October-2nd November 2012.

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