Monday, 27 May 2013

The MCM Comic Con Weekend!

Conventions always come and go in a blur of laughter, fun, and busy-ness. This past weekend's MCM Expo at the ExCel Centre in London was by far the busiest con I've ever been a part of. Apparently they broke last years attendance figures by a mile!

Despite the stuffiness, heat and bad smells (it always happens), being in a completely packed convention hall for a whole weekend had plenty of advantages. I got to speak to a whole host of lovely comic artists in Comic Village, spent plenty of time with mine and my Fiancées con artist buddies, and doubled my con profit record in the first day! By the end of the con, I'd not only made a huge success on my table (my large canvas sold, I sold out of several of my prints and others also performed well), but I also had a blast!

Here's some photos from the weekend. I should hopefully next be at the London Film & Comic Con in July, and then the MCM once again in October. Bring it on! (more photos available via Pages and Panels).

Set-up time on Saturday. My table, all ready to go!

My new print stand, the step-by-step of how I do my art at the bottom, business cards, Pages and Panels plugging, my 'The Nightmare Canvas', art book and comic!

People loved flicking through the large print box and smaller print boxes over the weekend, which I was pleased about!

Post con meal with my con buddies on Saturday. Here I am (cheesy grin is a must!) with John-Paul Bove and Jess Bradley.

They've only been married a week, and I think the madness is already setting in...

Con buddies Marisa & Deakin Brook of Newfangled Press and James Stayte, post con celebrations at the chinese restaurant.

Mark Pearce (Ronin Dogs) disappears for a bit. James Stayte and John-Paul Bove sought the company of an invisible friend instead.

My Fiancée and co-table manner Kayleigh Powis (Pages and Panels, 8-Bit Girl) with Marisa Brook.

The photo seems to have corrupted on uploading sadly, but here's myself and my Fiancée (cheesy grin time).

Mr and Mrs Brook of Newfangled Press!

"Hi Guuuuys!" Jess behind her table of arty goodness.

Nikki Stu with her Kickstarter flyer. Support her project here!  

The ever-charming John-Paul Bove.

Mark Pearce (Ronin Dogs) & James Stayte (Big Jimmy) put their best poses to work.

Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc) with his girlfriend Lucy. Lovely people!

Marisa & Deakin Brook at their Newfangled Press table.
Cristian Ortiz of 'Golden Campaign'. 

Changed the layout around of my table on Saturday afternoon as things were sold (post canvas purchase and the selling out of some of my prints!)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take a look at my table, pick up a print, book or canvas, or just stopped by for a chat! As always, the con was made extra fun by the appearance of mine and my Fiancée's regular con artist crew, who I decided to feature in the photos above. 

Bring on the next one!

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