Thursday, 24 July 2014


This portrait has taken me two months to finish, which is way over the time I would normally spend on a picture.

It is of a pal of mine.  Despite being a complete enigma that we shall never understand, myself and those that know her would agree, she is the most honest and genuine person out there.  Despite the hardships she faces, she is always there to help those around her.  A true gift.

Here is a portrait to commemorate her.

"My focus is to dedicate myself to those around me and improve their quality of life. If I can do this I can die happy." 
                                       - Anna Harris 2014

"There is no point in worrying about what is outside of your grasp.  Focus on the small things, what you can change, make your way through life in small constant steps, not random leaps and crashes."
                                        - Anna Harris 2011

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