Sunday, 24 June 2012

New Look Twin Sword Trading!

I decided it was about time Twin Sword Trading got a bit of a revamp across the Big Cartel store, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and this blog. 

The logo is much more professional looking, with examples of some of my digital art spread across it. Also, my store's colours have changed from yellow to a much more fitting black and white. I hope you like it all!

Big Cartel Revamp
My Big Cartel store has changed somewhat. As well as a new logo, and a new black and white colour scheme, there are new products in store!

Each high quality, 6x4 print is now available for only £2.50 each! So if you want a whole set of four, it's only going to set you back £10  (plus £1 postage for the whole order). 

If you require a bigger size than 6x4, then please do not hesitate to ask-they're available on a "print when ordered" service, and I'm more than happy to provide these! The price will be slightly higher, so please email me if you wish for something either not in my store, or of a bigger size. Also, all prints can be signed by me if you desire it.

There are plenty of collections on offer, where I've added plenty of different variations per collection. I've got space for another two, so check back soon for even more prints! Of course, I'll blog about it to update you all too.

Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and the Blog
As I already mentioned, I decided to give not only my store, but all my linked sites a bit of a revamp, to fit with the new store theme and logo. 

Go ahead and check out the following pages to see the changes, and please give me a follow on each! :)

Note About My Art On Tumblr
There is plenty more art on my Tumblr right now than my Big Cartel store. Every single piece that is featured on Tumblr is available to purchase, for the same price as the products on my store. 

Each print will be 6x4 in size, and available for only £2.50. Of course, if you wish for a bigger size, then please get in touch. 

If you wish to purchase any of my prints seen on Tumblr, then please send me an email, and I'll get you a copy sorted out ASAP!

As always, I'm available for commissions. Prices are still rather low, but will vary depending on the customer's request, the complexity of the piece, the required size, and so on.

If you like the look of my art, and are interested in getting a specially drawn piece commissioned, then please send me an email. Pricing, details, etc will be discussed from then on!

I am open to drawing most things, so whatever your request...don't hesitate, just send it through to me. 

All commissions can be signed by myself if you desire it for no extra cost.

Help Me Spread The Word!
The more people who know about Twin Sword Trading, the better! Please give me a little extra boost by following the blog, all my social network sites, sharing the store and telling others!

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by to read the latest post! I look forward to hearing what you think of all the changes!

Lewis Terry
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